War Games allowed me to live out a fantasy of Battlestar Galactica in Homeworld 3

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With a huge squadron of Interceptors, the agile fighters that resemble the Vipers from Battlestar Galactica, I intend to rule the stars in Homeworld 3. When I reach the maximum population, I can organize my Interceptors into various formations and behaviors, hiding each group behind whirling asteroids. My Capital Ship serves as bait for my strikecrafts to pounce and pincer enemy’ ships in a flash and dazzle of effects. If you want to, you can refer to me as Commander Adama; I don’t mind.

But I’ll tell you who cares: the two other fleet commanders who are pleading with me for help. Their fighters and frigates are being attacked, and their capital ships are being severely damaged by a barrage of ion cannon fire. But that’s War Games for you, the brand-new three-player cooperative game mode in Homeworld 3 that challenges them to work together to complete a series of objective-based missions across the galaxy. If you cooperate, you might survive; if one of you goes rogue, you must start over with all of your earned XP. If I’m being completely honest, I realize that thinking of Homeworld 3 as some sort of Battlestar Galactica simulator is a tad reductive. The long-awaited sequel to two of the greatest RTS games ever is here: The Return of the King.

A complicated control and command system has also been expertly refined by Blackbird Interactive, the seasoned development house providing a crisp user experience that holds up under strain. The presentation, both audio and visual, is unquestionably top-notch for the genre.
Homeworld 3 is on track to be a remarkable achievement, cleverly advancing the rock-paper-scissors formula of the franchise’s tactical combat and finally delivering on the idea of terrain in space, where asteroid fields and ship debris aren’t just admirable features of the environment but actively involved in every engagement.

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