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Diggys Adventure is so much fun! It’s completely unique and creatively fashioned. It’s hard to play very long, your energy takes a free bonus. If you are a fan of Diggy’s Adventure, you probably know how important energy is in this game.

Energy is what enables you to dig tiles and explore ancient civilizations, solve puzzles and complete quests. But energy is also a limited resource that regenerates over time, so you need to manage it wisely and find ways to increase it. In this blog post, I will share with you some tips and tricks on how to get more energy in Diggy’s Adventure.

First of all, you need to upgrade your underground camp equipment. This is where you can increase your energy regeneration rate and your energy capacity. You can buy different types of equipment in the shop, such as generators, batteries, lamps, etc. Each type of equipment has different effects on your energy stats, so you need to find the optimal combination for your play style and schedule. For example, if you play often and for short periods of time, you might want to focus on regeneration equipment that fills up your energy fast. If you play less frequently but for longer sessions, you might want to invest in capacity equipment that allows you to store more energy. You can also use the Professor’s Switch to change your camp setup quickly and easily.

Another way to get more energy is to cook food in your kitchen. Food is a consumable item that gives you instant energy when you eat it. You can cook different dishes using various ingredients that you can find in the game or buy from the shop. Some dishes give you more energy than others, so you need to check the recipes and their effects before cooking. You can also upgrade your kitchen to unlock more recipes and increase the amount of food you can cook at once.

You can also get more energy from daily rewards. There are several ways to get daily rewards in Diggy’s Adventure, such as:

– Lucky Cards Tent: This is a mini-game where you can draw cards and win prizes, such as energy, gems, materials, etc. You can play it once a day for free, or more times by spending gems or watching ads.
– Daily extra Energy: This is a bonus that you can claim every day by logging into the game. The amount of energy you get depends on how many consecutive days you have logged in.
– Daily Reward Popup: This is a popup that appears every day when you enter the game. It gives you a random amount of energy or other rewards, such as gems, coins, materials, etc.

You can also get more energy from windmills. Windmills are special decorations that you can buy from the shop and place in your camp. They generate a small amount of energy per hour that you can collect by tapping on them. You can have up to 8 windmills in your camp if you buy the Holland system from the shop. You can also buy rotor enhancer upgrades that increase the energy output of each windmill by one per hour. The maximum amount of energy you can get from windmills per hour is 176.

Another source of energy is godchildren. Godchildren are special characters that appear randomly in mines or camps of other players. They give you a certain amount of energy when you tap on them. The amount of energy they give depends on where they appear and how many times you have tapped on them before. You can also use the one click godchildren feature to collect all the godchildren in a mine or a camp with one tap.

These are some of the ways to get more energy in Diggy’s Adventure. I hope you found this blog post helpful and informative. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Happy digging!

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