Todd Howard’s is unsure whether everyone will appreciate Starfield’s exploration style because it differs so much from Bethesda’s games.

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Starfield’s exploration mechanics are fundamentally different from those of earlier Bethesda games because the game features more than 1,000 playable planets. Director Todd Howard is unsure whether or not players will appreciate this difference.

He explained to GQ that it wasn’t the same as being dropped into a world like Skyrim. “You completely wander differently.”

Howard specifically discusses what it’s like to get off a ship for the first time on a planet and take in the surroundings. That particular moment, according to Howard, “works almost always.” “When the star is setting and you’re surveying the landscape. All of that is slightly mimicked. It just happens in this game.

With so many different planets to explore, Starfield will appear less like one huge seamless world and more like a whole crap-ton of distinct worlds you can travel between. It probably doesn’t need to be said that Starfield is an incredibly large game; in fact, Howard himself was surprised how big it turned out.

You might be tempted to enter Starfield’s early access launch with as little knowledge as possible with just over a week left, which is entirely understandable! Here, however, is a thorough pre-release introduction to the Starfield planets, complete with details on the many geological kinds, gravity variations, temperature, and flora and fauna we’ve observed. There is, in essence, a lot of variety.

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