Starfield Romance Options And Companions

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Starfield is a highly anticipated sci-fi RPG from Bethesda, the makers of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. One of the features that many fans are curious about is whether the game will have romance options for the player character.

Romance in Starfield: What We Know

Bethesda has not confirmed or denied the existence of romance options in Starfield, but there are some hints that suggest they might be included. For example, in the official teaser trailer, we see a female character wearing a ring on her left hand, which could imply that she is married or engaged. Additionally, in an interview with The Telegraph, Todd Howard, the director and executive producer of Starfield, said that the game will have “a lot of people you can befriend”, and that “you’ll have your own crew on your ship”. This could mean that some of these people might be potential love interests for the player.

However, Howard also said that Starfield is “not a game about any specific character or characters”, and that “you can create any character you want”. This suggests that Starfield will not have a predefined protagonist with a fixed backstory or personality, like in Mass Effect or The Witcher. Instead, it will be more like Skyrim or Fallout 4, where the player can customize their character’s appearance, skills, and choices. This could also affect how romance works in Starfield, as it might be more based on the player’s actions and reputation than on scripted dialogue or quests.

How to Romance in Starfield: Tips and Tricks

Since we don’t have any official information on how romance will work in Starfield, we can only speculate based on Bethesda’s previous games and some common RPG tropes. Here are some possible tips and tricks on how to romance in Starfield:

– Explore the galaxy and meet new people. Starfield is set in a vast open world that spans multiple planets and star systems. You will likely encounter many different factions, races, cultures, and personalities along your journey. Some of them might be friendly, some might be hostile, and some might be romantically interested in you. Try to talk to everyone you meet and learn more about them. You might find someone who shares your interests, values, or goals.
– Join a faction and build your reputation. Starfield will feature several factions that the player can join or oppose, such as the United Colonies, the Freestar Collective, or the Constellation. Each faction will have its own ideology, agenda, and allies. Joining a faction will give you access to exclusive missions, resources, and contacts. It might also affect your relationship with other factions and characters. For example, if you join the United Colonies, you might gain favor with some of their supporters, but lose trust with some of their enemies. Try to choose a faction that aligns with your character’s morals and motivations.
– Upgrade your ship and your crew. Your ship will be your home base and your main mode of transportation in Starfield. You will be able to customize it with various modules, weapons, and decorations. You will also have a crew that will accompany you on your adventures. Your crew members will have their own personalities, skills, and opinions. They might also have their own quests or stories that you can help them with. Upgrading your ship and your crew will not only improve your performance and survival in the game, but also your relationship with them. You might impress them with your upgrades, make them feel more comfortable or secure on your ship, or show them that you care about their needs and wishes.
– Flirt and express your feelings. If you find someone that you like in Starfield, you might want to let them know how you feel. Depending on how romance works in the game, you might have different ways to do so. For example, you might have dialogue options that allow you to flirt, compliment, joke, or confess to them. You might also have actions that allow you to hug, kiss, or cuddle with them. You might even have gifts that you can give them to show your affection. However, be careful not to overdo it or come off as creepy or desperate. Some characters might appreciate your advances, while others might reject them or get angry at you. Try to read their signals and respect their boundaries.
– Be loyal and faithful. If you manage to start a romantic relationship with someone in Starfield, you might want to keep it going strong. This means being loyal and faithful to them, and not cheating on them with someone else. Cheating might not only hurt their feelings and damage your reputation, but also trigger negative consequences in the game. For example, your lover might break up with you, attack you, betray you, or expose you to their faction or enemies. Alternatively, if you prefer a more open or polyamorous relationship, you might want to communicate that with your partner and make sure they are okay with it. You might also want to avoid romancing people who are rivals or enemies of your partner, as that might cause conflict or jealousy.
– Have fun and enjoy the ride. Romance is not the main focus of Starfield, but it can add some flavor and depth to your experience. It can also provide some benefits, such as companionship, support, or bonuses. However, romance is not mandatory or essential to complete the game. You can also play Starfield as a lone wolf, a friend to all, or a heartbreaker. The choice is yours. Whatever you decide, have fun and enjoy the ride.

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